On Safe Sex

Jenna posed nude alongside text that reads “Sometimes too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing”. An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away The old wives tale of an apple a day should be replaced with an orgasm a day for sure. I think if you asked anyone especially men if they would rather eat an apple or have terrific sex, I bet the answer would be sex. Using the proper size will also help to prevent condom slippage or breakage. It is imperative that you check the expiration date of the condom. If the condom has expired, do not use it. When performing oral sex for the men, you should try to avoid the cum from coming into contact with an open wound in your mouth. This is because like the vaginal fluids, the cum also carries with it the diseases if the person is infected. If you are not careful, you could end up being infected with whatever your partner is infected with. It may also include the use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. When Oral sex is done to a woman it is known as Cunnilingus and if it is to the male counter part it is called fellatio.

According to state officials in Anambra, a ban on birth control could be just the right path to take. Diabetes And Women’s Sexual Health Almost one quarter of all women with diabetes will experience a sexual side effect at some point in her life. Most women with diabetes will have already noticed that their blood sugar changes before and after her period. The menstrual cycle affects the blood glucose cycle, and as such, has to be monitored more closely during and around your period. By using his ‘other worldly’ lyrical prowess, he’s able to twist words like “latex” and “late text” to make people sit back and say “damn, did you hear that?”. At that point, people may stop for just a second to decipher what he’s really saying. Perhaps they will decide that if Weezy says I should wear protection, I’m gonna wear protection. Some even claim to increase the penis size! So, is that to say that good things don’t come in small packages?

So what solution, what remedy can be offered that could perhaps stop the epidemic in its tracks? Many are natural herbal concoctions that, hopefully, increase erection effectiveness and staying power. The formulas claim to improve sexual health, guard against premature ejaculation, increase orgasm sensations, boost libido (sexual desire), and restore the body’s hormonal levels. Sure, some illnesses or medications might prohibit sexual activity, but usually the right treatment is available. Keep some lifesavers with your condoms and lubricant, to help you practice safe sex with diabetes. Diabetics, Sex, And Male Enhancements We’ve all seen and heard the magazine, television, even telephone advertisements about male enhancements. So, just exactly what are male enhancements, do you need them, are they safe, and do they really work? Perhaps these men say they can still enjoy themselves, or that the inability to have an orgasm doesn’t really bother them all that much. Yeah, right, whatever you say. Like clockwork, sexual drive and performance declines naturally as men age, but rapid or severe decreases can be a red flag.

While other forms of contraception like the diaphragm or the cap will of course prevent pregnancy, they only offer limited protection against sexually transmitted disease, and it would be foolish to rely on them. Condoms however block the exchange of bodily fluids that may carry infection, as well as preventing pregnancy, provided that they are used correctly. If you live by this advice, your likelihood of catching a sexually transmitted disease is significantly lower. Think about, sex instead of Prozac, which would you choose? Endorphins that are released during sex and especially during the point of orgasms cause women to feel no pain. This does not mean that the headache will not return, but you could always ask if she would like relief for at least a few minutes. It is better if you perform oral sex in a safe environment and you do not assume you are both okay. Women with diabetes, especially after menopause, can be at a higher risk for yeast infections, which can make sex less desirable. To prevent yeast infections, regulate your blood sugar. You can never be sure about your partners status unless you go for a test.